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The Secret To Healing – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: 160914

‘Mustard Seed Faith’ – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: 160914

120305 – The word of faith delusion – Vlog 012

Conquering imaginary mountains

“It is a real tragedy to climb the ladder to success and then discover the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall!!!” Too many devote energy in doing their own will, achieving their own ambitions, conquering imaginary mountains and arriving in the way of destruction!!! LET US FOCUS ON DOING OUR FATHER’S WILL FROM TODAY!!!! … Continue reading

FAITH! incantation, or shouting…?

“Faith is not a slogan, nor is it the equivalent of some incantation, or shouting!!! It is action and reality, based on God’s spoken Word in your spirit by the Holy Spirit!!! Don’t cringe or run from opposition, it will only make you strong as you stand in the Power of His Might!!!” WE ACCOMPLISH … Continue reading

“Name it claim it”

“Name it claim it” “Taking scripture out of context” “Words without faith” “The dead letter”. Listen to part 2 of my teaching on The word of Faith heresy.

Facing the trials of Life

“Talent develops in quiet places, character in the full current of human life.” Facing the trials of Life with faith in the Lord and His Word transforms every person into the likeness of His Image and Person if they hold fast to the Hope they have in HIM!!!! HE WHO CALLED YOU IS FAITHFUL AND … Continue reading

Blessing the work of our hands!

“Many people are being taught in churches to expect so much from God, even though they want to work so little to accomplish their expectations!!!” Let us faithfully teach that God will bless the WORK of our hands, AND GIVE INCREASE!!!┬áIf you believe you only need to claim promises and repeat scriptures to get what … Continue reading


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