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Acts Chapter 21

Recorded: Sunday 9th September 2018


Recorded: Sunday 19th August 2018

Faith, Food and Drink

Recorded: 290718

The Power of God

Miracle Power – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: 180722

Resurrection Life – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: 180715


The Pastor’s Guide: The Truth About Miracle Ministry

Recorded: Sunday 10th June 2018

The Dead Letter

Recorded: Sunday 13th May 2018

Easter Sunday – 2018

Are You Walking in The Flesh?

Recorded: Sunday 25th March 2018

The Delusion of Perfection

Recorded: Sunday 18th March 2018

Romans Chapter 5 (Video)

  Recorded: Sunday 11th March 2018

Romans Chapter 3

Recorded: Sunday 4th March 2018

Love & Marriage

The Youth of Ignorance

RECORDED: 280118

Christmas Eve Message – 2017


Sunday 7th January 2018


Sunday 12th November 2017


Living in The Freedom of God

Recorded: Sunday 29th October 2017

The Miracle Power of God

Recorded: Sunday 22nd October 2017

We have power and authority to believe God

John Chapter 6:1

Recorded: Sunday 8th October 2017

Acknowledging The Truth – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: Sunday 1st October 2017

Does God Know You? Bishop Michael Reid


The Measure of Faith – Bishop Michael Reid

Jesus Says; “You Did Not Choose Me But I Chose You”

“False Signs & The Red Moon”

Idahosa: Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – Part 1

The Secret To Healing – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: 160914

040514 – Christ Lives in our Flesh


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