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11015 – No Compromise – (Audio)

781109 – There is no compromise or return

No Compromise

This is one of the most challenging videos Michael Reid Ministries has ever produced to date. You will be captivated by it from the first sentence! “No Compromise” perfectly describes the life and ministry of Bishop Michael Reid as he ministers the Gospel in words and demonstration of God’s power. The personal ministry will soften … Continue reading

Only God alone can change man

“DO YOU REALIZE: Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will turn vegetarian.” You cannot make a treaty with the devil, nor by compromise change an evil man’s ways. Evil people will only wax worse the more you feed their appetite for sin!!! It takes the intervention of … Continue reading

The full Gospel

“The true men of God know who they must obey and are willing to let the world think what it will of them. Many think to win a man we must agree with him but the opposite is true!!! Every generation has had to be converted by Apostles and Prophets who contradicted it most, by … Continue reading


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