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Bringing up Children – Rev Ruth Reid – (Audio Sermon)

Teaching by Rev Ruth Reid – Recorded: 10th November 2000

The Father: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Reviewed by Simon Eden Every year many churches across the country pull out the tea towels for the Shepherds, and young girls get to hold a plastic baby in their church nativity plays. Very few such amateur thespians even contemplate trying to tell the whole Biblical story from start to finish, let along writing an … Continue reading

Prophecies for Peniel Church to be fulfilled by 2016 – (3:15min video)

In 1996 Peniel Church Brentwood celebrated their 20th Anniversary. It was a memorable occasion with the Archbishop Benson Idahosa who on behalf of the congregation, presented a gift for the founders (Bishop Michael Reid & Dr Ruth Reid) for their 20 years of service to Peniel Church Brentwood. This video is a time capsule full of … Continue reading

God’s Way of Deliverance – (Audio Sermon)

Preached in 1979 By Bishop Michael Reid “And Aaron spake all the words which the LORD had spoken unto Moses, and did the signs in the sight of the people. And the people believed: and when they heard that the LORD had visited the children of Israel, and that he had looked upon their affliction, … Continue reading

Retaining The Church – Dr Ruth Reid

790308 – The sacrifices of Cain & Abel

790222 – God’s way of Deliverance — Exodus 4:14

790220 – The cleansings of God

790114 – Heresies which block salvation

790112 – The way into Revival/Prayer & Fasting

840105 – Prodigal Son

790104 – I believed therefore i spoke

781109 – There is no compromise or return

781019 – Redemption in Genesis

God is in Control

A video by Bishop Michael Reid

Bishop Reid & The Late Dr Ruth Reid talk about being excommunicated from Peniel Church

This footage was capture during a TV recording (probably in late 2010). The TV recording never made it to air, but this ‘behind the scene’ footage has now just been released. Bishop Reid & Dr Ruth Reid talk about being excommunicated from Peniel Church in 2008 by the Peniel church board. To this day the … Continue reading

The Father’s Heart

Miracles – Healing – Faith (Old Peniel Magazine: Issue 6)

Miracles – Healing – Faith (Issue 6)

Peniel College Advert

Miracles at Peniel Church

No Miracles No Jesus!!! When Jesus performed miracles, the multitudes came running to see. Today Jesus is still moving through chosen men – why then, do you stand afar off….? “Come and See” Related articles Becoming a disciple: serving is the invitation to participate in a miracle (hersandmine.wordpress.com) Does God Still Heal Today? (steveatwood.wordpress.com)

The history of Peniel Church Brentwood

Watch how Peniel Church in Brentwood began with a vision from God The Father. The ministry God puts within a man or woman is the true church. Christ within – The Lord of Glory is the real ministry. Watch this four part video narrated by Philip Whealy the wonderful work of God when He decides … Continue reading

Dying man who was on his way to hell

The miracle testimony of John Cope! The testimony of a dying man who was on his way to hell (John Cope). But God sent a preacher (Rev Michael Reid) just in time to share The Gospel with him. But instead of Rev Reid saying a nice prayer (as most priests would) to John as he … Continue reading

Wake up sleep Christians

You have been born again unto good works. “It’s a good day to go out and tell someone about The Lord Jesus.”

T.L Osborn – The Christ Connection

Dr T.L Osborn teaches on the seven essential truths that enable Christ to continue His ministry through believers today. They are the most vital truths that he has discovered in 55 years of world ministry. These seminars will be life changing for you. An as evangelist, Dr Osborn has preached in 78 nations. He is … Continue reading

Bishop narrowly escaped death after suffering a heart attack

By iain johnson editorial@gazettenews.co.uk BISHOP Michael Reid has narrowly escaped death after suffering a heart attack, which he claims was caused by stress after three years of “appalling” treatment by his former church. The 67-year-old, who was allegedly “sacked” from the Peniel Church – now Trinity – in 2008 after admitting to an affair with … Continue reading

The Impossible is Possible with God

A sermon by Bishop Michael Reid

God hear’s the desire of the humble

A sermon by Bishop Michael Reid Related articles God is Good – (Classic sermon recorded in the 1980′s) (bishopmichaelreid.com) In Father’s Hand Forever – (Bishop Reid’s Testimony) (bishopmichaelreid.com)

A Parents Responsibility – (Audio Sermon)

Teaching by Bishop Michael Reid – Recorded: 29th October 2000


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