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Prophecies for Peniel Church to be fulfilled by 2016 – (3:15min video)

In 1996 Peniel Church Brentwood celebrated their 20th Anniversary. It was a memorable occasion with the Archbishop Benson Idahosa who on behalf of the congregation, presented a gift for the founders (Bishop Michael Reid & Dr Ruth Reid) for their 20 years of service to Peniel Church Brentwood. This video is a time capsule full of … Continue reading

The story of Demos Shakarian leading Michael Reid to Jesus Christ

Bishop Michael Reid shares how the late Demos Shakarian led him to Christ Jesus. This interview was recorded for Miracles – Faith – Healing magazine in 2004. When did you first come into contact with Demos Shakarian? It was 1965 and I was an angry atheistic policeman who alleged that God did not exist. I attended a … Continue reading

Preach the FULL GOSPEL

WOW!!!!! JESUS ROSE FROM THE GRAVE, Paul said that if their was no resurrection we would have no hope, we’d still be in our sins. The early church went forth emphasizing HIS RESURRECTION!!!! When we preach the “full gospel” the miracle power of God confirms His Word with signs following!!!! GLORY!!! Bishop Michael Reid

The full Gospel

“The true men of God know who they must obey and are willing to let the world think what it will of them. Many think to win a man we must agree with him but the opposite is true!!! Every generation has had to be converted by Apostles and Prophets who contradicted it most, by … Continue reading


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