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God Will Change You From Within

Recorded: Sunday 24th September 2017

Does God Know You? Bishop Michael Reid


Galatians Chapter 2v15

Recorded: 130817

God is Preapring Your Life – Bishop Michael Reid

God’s Word Shall Bear Fruit

Recorded: Sunday 30th July 2017

The Measure of Faith – Bishop Michael Reid

Miracle: Leg Pain Gone

Recorded: Sunday 14th February 2016

Bishop Michael Reid – The Gospel

Recorded: 14th February 2016

Jesus Says; “You Did Not Choose Me But I Chose You”

“False Signs & The Red Moon”

Bishop Michael Reid – Back To Basics – October 2015

Idahosa: Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – Part 1

Miracle: Blind Eye Opening LIVE on Camera

The Secret To Healing – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: 160914

‘Mustard Seed Faith’ – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: 160914

040514 – Christ Lives in our Flesh

090314 – The Gospel of Jesus Christ

140304 – What God Has Done For You

040314 – The Blind Critic

040314 – All Things Belong To God

The Great Yaounde Crusade

Retaining The Church – Dr Ruth Reid

Retaining The Church – Dr Ruth Reid

Reflections of Creation – (Video Teaching)

The True Meaning of Christian Dedication – Bishop Michael Reid

Christian Dedication is celebrating the life that God gives to a child. It is very important to understand that¬†Christening is nothing to do with Christianity.¬†Christening was a Pagan custom ‘created’ when people feared that if their children died the child would end up in hell — which was a totally false idea about the children. … Continue reading

The Church of Living Stones – Part 2 – Bishop Michael Reid

The Church of Living Stones – Part 1 – Bishop Michael Reid

The Christian Marriage of Man & Woman

The true love of God

The love of God is applicable in our lives in a very practical way. God loved us even when we were “dead in trespasses and sins” (Ephesians 2:1). He sent His Son to die at Calvary so that we could live a life free from sin. In this video Bishop Michael Reid preaches on how … Continue reading

Miracles, Signs & Wonders – No Miracles No Jesus!

Miracle of blind eye OPENING caught on camera!

The operation in 1972 to remove a cyst from 6-month old Darren Smith’s left eye didn’t work; instead he lost vision in it all together. We recorded on camera (in 1991) God’s restoration of his sight here in Brentwood (Essex) on 2nd April 1991. Before praying for him, Rev (Bishop) Michael Reid had preached specially … Continue reading


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