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We Are Confident in God Alone

When you find yourself going through a trial, remember that God is in control and He alone will give you the power to overcome all things. But trials must come in order to make us strong in His Word. “The Trial of Your Faith is much more precious than fine Gold” Faith in what…? Faith … Continue reading

Devotional – Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Distortion of Truth!

“Distortion of truth arises when preachers and prophets are convinced they are speaking the truth merely because they are saying what they think.” The Word of God, taken in context, is the true ‘light’ for our feet to walk in! Imaginations and ideas, called ‘revelations’ by taking bible verses out of context, are lies!!!! Walk … Continue reading

Made in His image

In the first creation, God made man after His own image. So in the second creation or regeneration, God recreated men after His own image, in knowledge, righteousness, true holiness, and love. Adoption gives us the privilege of sons, but the work of regeneration gives us the nature of sons of Almighty God. Bishop Michael … Continue reading

Conquering imaginary mountains

“It is a real tragedy to climb the ladder to success and then discover the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall!!!” Too many devote energy in doing their own will, achieving their own ambitions, conquering imaginary mountains and arriving in the way of destruction!!! LET US FOCUS ON DOING OUR FATHER’S WILL FROM TODAY!!!! … Continue reading

It is no use crying over spilt milk!

“It is no use crying over spilt milk” Too often we live in the past, remembering what might have been. It is a pointless and destructive occupation. Then God enters our lives and we know the truth: “You cannot change what happened yesterday, but you can live different in Him today and have a glorious … Continue reading

Preachers pick and choose what they will believe

“If I did not believe in the infallibility of Scripture–the absolute infallibility of it from cover to cover, I would never enter any pulpit again! I am prepared to belief whatever it says, and to take it believing it to be the word of God!” It saddens me to hear that some preachers pick and … Continue reading

Hope for a world in turmoil

“All over the world we see the turmoil and pain that corruption and evil bring to all peoples outside of Jesus Christ. There is only one answer to the needs of man and only one Name under heaven whereby men can be saved, JESUS CHRIST.” We have a glorious gospel of GRACE and LOVE that bids … Continue reading

Give God the glory!

‎”Godly testimony is always to acknowledge truthfully: ‘Let us rejoice in what God has done,’ but boasting is when you declare what you have done without giving God all the Glory!!!” Remember He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith, not us. HE ALONE IS THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE, HEALING AND REDEMPTION!!!” GLORY!!! … Continue reading

No reality for the simple folk!

“Such is the dearth of reality and power in many places of worship that simple folk cannot find their needs met”. Let us pray that the Lord of Glory will raise up an army of preachers who know their call, and shamelessly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ with signs and wonders!! WONDERFUL GRACE, GLORIOUS … Continue reading

Be not ignorant of Satan’s devices!

“Satan, like a wise fisherman, bates his hook according to the appetite of the fish he is intending to catch!!” Wise Christians are not ignorant of satan’s devices, but get snared because of the liberal views of many of the men in the pulpit, who call good evil and evil good!!! Our greatest protection is … Continue reading

Where is the justice…?

“Physicians of all men are most happy; what good success soever they have, the world proclaimeth, and what faults they commit, the earth covereth.” It would be wonderful if preachers enjoyed equal benefits, but very often their successes are derided by envious peers, and their faults exposed by jealous peers to the biased media. May … Continue reading

Teach the Gospel truths!

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is in control of the whole of creation, and sent His SON to redeem us through His sacrifice on Calvary; to taste death in our place. He rose from the dead on the third day, ascended into heaven and Jesus Christ, our Saviour makes intercession for us continually. All authority, in … Continue reading

Believe what He declares is true!

“The power and authority Jesus Christ freely gives us is greater than all the power of our enemies, no matter who they are nor how numerous. Faith in Christ Jesus is powerful, aggressive, and always conquering!!!” Believe what He declares is true, ‘we are more than conquerors’!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!!! Bishop Michael Reid

Ministers preach Love whilst practicing hate!

QUESTION: Why do so many “so-called” Ministers preach Love while they engender and practice HATE!!!!! The Devil comes to kill, steal and destroy!!! Our Jesus comes to give Life and Life more abundant. He comes to heal and bring freedom to the bound!!!! He comes to lift us up and set our feet upon the … Continue reading

Rearranging Your Prejudices!

Most people think they are actually thinking when all they are doing is rearranging their prejudices to appear politically correct. The Holy Spirit has come to pull down the strongholds of Satan in our reasonings and imaginations, establishing God’s Word!!! True men of God are those who meditate on the Word of God always, and … Continue reading

The ultimate victory in Christ Jesus!

CHRIST JESUS was born, was crucified, dead and buried, third day rose from the dead, ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of our Heavenly Father!!!! “Every Spirit-filled Christian has heaven-backed authority over the devil and all his host!!! Every born again Christian has God’s armour of protection, His shield of faith and … Continue reading

Novel and false doctrines of daydreamers!

Wayne Grudem wrote “Any teaching for which biblical authority thus claimed, must of necessity find its origin and substantiation throughout the Word of God. Accordingly, it must be in harmony with the whole of the Canon of Scripture, the only touchstone of truth. A doctrine may, therefore, be defined as the teaching of the entire … Continue reading

A word from Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon writes “Blessedness is ascribed to those who treasure up the testimonies of the Lord: in which it is implied that they searched the Scriptures they may come to an understanding of, that they love them, and then they continue in the practice of them. We must first get a thing before we can … Continue reading

Evil must always bow before the Lord of Glory

“God and the devil represent two opposing forces.” The devil (Lucifer) is a being created by God and cannot even stand unless God permits. In the event of a meeting of the forces in a hostile encounter, the devil gets whipped!!! Evil must always bow before the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ!!! Almighty God is … Continue reading

Politically correct…?

“No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible, until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of our modes of thought.” [1873] Most people think they are actually thinking when all they are doing is rearranging their prejudices to appear politically correct. The Holy Spirit has come to pull down the … Continue reading

Christ Has All Authority

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is in control of the whole of creation, and sent His SON to redeem us through His sacrifice on Calvary; to taste death in our place. He rose from the dead on the third day, ascended into heaven and Jesus Christ, our Saviour makes intercession for us continually. All authority, in … Continue reading

God has planned your victory

“When your enemies dig your grave, you will live to throw the last dirt on their coffins, for it is not you who will pass away, but them.” However your enemies plot to destroy you be assured that God has planned your victory. Do not ask God not to give you enemies, but that He … Continue reading

Converted by true Apostles!

“Every generation of Christians has had to be converted by true Apostles, CHOSEN AND SENT BY GOD, who contradicted its so-called values most, not trying in any way to engage in contemporary dialogue and liberal morality!!!” The GOSPEL alone is the source of power and Light that can reform society to yield to GOD!!!! JESUS … Continue reading

Hope is a life resource

“Hope is a life resource, like food, water and air. In its absence, life ceases to have meaning and sometimes even ceases to be. Hope enables persons to rejoice in suffering. Christian hope in any area of life, including ministry, is unshakable when we know the absolute certainty of final victory;” in all things we … Continue reading

“Rise up sleepy Christian!”

‎”You cannot be a winner while sleeping and weeping at what you think the devil has done. You can only be a winner when you stand and fight. God will restore everything the enemy stole from you; all the lost victories, lost success, health, and wealth.” It is not wrong for you to slip and … Continue reading

The Living Book

“When the Lord Jesus Christ truly makes any person whole they will be able to overcome temptation where once they always failed, and God’s blessings come upon them in ways they never expected.” The Bible becomes a living book which at last they can enjoy and understand. What a glorious transformation the Lord Jesus brings … Continue reading

Destined to become partakers

“When we are truly born again of the Spirit of God we are destined to become partakers of the Divine Nature of God. He is full of grace and truth, Almighty, sovereign, compassionate, and a loving heavenly Father!!!” Bishop Michael Reid

Yesterday is Yesterday

“Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only one who sees us in our mess and doesn’t care how we got there, whose only concern is how to lift us up out of our mess!!!” True ministers are never concerned with our yesterday’s mistakes, but with transforming our today into salvation, and giving us true hope … Continue reading

Grace abounds in good company

“Wrong friends lead many souls to destruction, but so few are wise in their choice of who to spend time with!!!” Godly company will lead to Godly living!!!!! Grace abounds in good company!!!! Bishop Michael Reid

Subject the mind to the Word of God

“The natural mind will drum up fear where the word of God has declared success, crying sickness and death where the Word of God has provided health and life.” The mind becomes a restraining factor, striving to prevent the Christian’s full realization and manifestation of his spiritual potential, rights and privileges. Subject the mind to … Continue reading


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