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Next LIVE Broadcast: Sunday 19th November 2017 @11:45am GMT

Join Bishop Michael Reid LIVE Every Thursday 8pm GMT & Sunday 11am GMT as he shares the scriptures.  PLEASE NOTE: Broadcast times may vary up-to 30mins to commence.

The Christian Truth For Dummies

Recorded: Sunday 5th November 2017

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Recorded: Thursday 2nd November 2017

Living in The Freedom of God

Recorded: Sunday 29th October 2017

The Miracle Power of God

Recorded: Sunday 22nd October 2017

We have power and authority to believe God

John Chapter 6:1

Recorded: Sunday 8th October 2017

Acknowledging The Truth – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: Sunday 1st October 2017

God Will Change You From Within

Recorded: Sunday 24th September 2017

170921 – The Heart of Christ

Does God Know You? Bishop Michael Reid


The True Prayer of God (Luke 11)

Recorded: Sunday 3rd September 2017

310817 – A Call To The Faithful

Galatians Chapter 2v15

Recorded: 130817

God is Preapring Your Life – Bishop Michael Reid

100817 – Change The Lifestyle

030817 – Bible Study (Mark 14)

God’s Word Shall Bear Fruit

Recorded: Sunday 30th July 2017

300717 – God’s Word Shall Bear Fruit

270717 – Occupy Until I Come

230717 – Sunday Service

200717 – Caught in The Act of Adultery

160717 – Search The Scriptures

130717 – The Wisdom of Truth

090717 – Servants to the Brethren

020717 – Lord, Help My Unbelief (Mark Chapter 9)

The Complete Redemption

Recorded: March 2017

040617 – James Chapter 4 (Judge Not)

280517 – The Sovereignty of God

210517 – Christ in our flesh

180517 – 2 John 1



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