Michael Reid believes by building on the foundation of our biblically based family ethos, and maintaining a focus of miracles, healing and faith, the church can expand under God-anointed leadership – regardless of ‘qualification’. There are countless examples throughout history of God using men as leaders, oftentimes, when according to human logic, they might seem unqualified for the job. Such was the case with Bishop Michael Reid, an atheist policeman, whose life was transformed by the grace of God in a meeting led by late Demos Shakarian [founder of Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International]. At the meeting under divine instruction God told Demos “Go get that man, I have a work for him to do” and Bishop Reid’s life in Christ began. As he started in the work God had given him, Bishop Reid quickly discovered God had given him the gifts of healing, discernment, knowledge and deliverance. He has been operating in these gifts – praying for the sick and preaching the gospel ever since with miracles and healing following.
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Thou Shall Not Kill…?

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The Power of God

Miracle Power – Bishop Michael Reid

Recorded: 180722

Resurrection Life – Bishop Michael Reid

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Sunday 8th July 2018


Bible Study: John Chapter 12

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Bible Study: John Chapter 11

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The Pastor’s Guide: The Truth About Miracle Ministry

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The Dead Letter

Recorded: Sunday 13th May 2018

Easter Sunday – 2018

Are You Walking in The Flesh?

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The Delusion of Perfection

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Thursday 15th March 2018 – Bible Study

Romans Chapter 5 (Video)

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Romans Chapter 3

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Romans Chapter 5 (Audio)

Do Not Justify Yourself Before Man

Don’t Be A Hater of God

220218 – Bible Study

Love & Marriage

The Youth of Ignorance

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Christmas Eve Message – 2017


Sunday 7th January 2018


The God of Miracles

Recorded: 110118


The Devil Has No Power: Only LIES!!!

110118 – The God of Miracles



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